Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a White Hall Interlude

We left King in high spirits, and made our way towards the famous, world-renowned Crozet Pizza. There was still about 45 minutes to go until the place opened, which we thought quite odd that a pizza joint didn't open until 3:00 on a Friday... but when you are in the upper echelon of pizza parlors, I guess you can pick your own hours.

We drove past, and visited White Hall Vineyards (photo courtesy White Hall Vineyards website.). The landscaping and layout of the porch reminded me strikingly of Dry Creek, in California. The landscaping was beautiful and well-maintained, as was the architecture. Walking inside, the entry was vast and cool, filled with beautiful pieces of sculpture and lovely stonework. The tasting bar was empty, and we didn't see a soul around for a few moments. A woman walked out shortly, very pleasant and welcoming, and took us through the tasting.

While the woman was quite nice, we were less than charmed by most of the wines. The final pour, the 2002 Soliterre, was in the style of an Eiswein, and a welcome change in pace. It was filled with tropical fruit and a sensuous nose, and was easily the best wine we had tasted there. We walked out with one, and left again for Crozet Pizza.

As we drove away, I reflected upon that final wine, when the perfect descriptor came to me. It kicked through my mouth like a young debutante with her first pair of heels.


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