Monday, October 17, 2005

The weekend cheese plate

It's Sunday. It's gorgeous and not raining, for the first time in seven days and seven nights. It's temperate, warm, with a bit of a cool breeze. DucCat and I prepare a much-welcomed cheese platter for our leisurely Sunday European-style lunch.

Click on the picture for a bit of a larger version, but here's the breakdown, starting at the upper left.

The blue crock holds pesto and chopped tomatoes; some carrots, and then some goat cheese; a hot pepper jack, a sliced row of fuji apple, which runs into a mild jack; the yellow crock holds luscious, unctuous Usinger's peppered liverwurst (my new favourite food); more carrots, and then Chaource Lincet. I hope I spelled that correctly, but it's one of those incredibly buttery creations that could be a Marilyn Monroe of the cheese world.

A little Pacific Peak Chardonnay went quite nicely with it all. We each crafted our own perfect crackers, and spent a couple of hours relaxing in the early afternoon warmth, chatting, laughing, and enjoying the shockingly cloudless blue sky.

Ah, literally the perfect s'kat cracker-

pesto, goat cheese, tomato and fresh basil.
Of course, it was the weekend, so a passionate Norwegian forrest-kitty meowed her way outside in order to make an appearance. After tasting a bit of liverwurst (a girl after my own heart!), she rubbed her face happily around anything at hand.

These are the moments in which you realise how good life can be- how good it is. These are the moments onto which you should hold tight- it's what makes every weekday banality worthwhile.


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