Friday, October 07, 2005

On the Verge of a Busy Weekend....

Since I'm not going to be posting this weekend, I'll take the opportunity to catch up on our week's worth of comfort foods.

Yes, that's right, we didn't stop at chicken fried steaks. The next night was pizza, but you've seen that before, so we'll hop right along to chicken parm night.

This was one of the first meals that DucCat ever created during his bachelor days, and it's a good one. Thinly-pounded chicken boobs coated in a spiced flour crust, pan-fried just perfectly, then finished in the oven in a layer of bubbling tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil. DucCat had his the classic way, served over pasta; I opt for wilted spinach, much to his eye-rolling dismay.

After so much heavy food, I begged for a night off, so we headed over to Sushi Yama.

Our experience was completely delightful, from start to finish. We ordered our meal carry-out, and had some dumplings while we waited. I didn't have my camera with me at the time, but I've previously documented the shumai. They were just as superb as last time. The real jewel turned out to be the handmade gyoza, soft, with just a hint of chew from being pan-fried. The filling was bursting with spicy pork, ginger, and something that almost tasted citric. They were a real pleasure to eat.

As we paid up, the owner came over to us, and pointed out that they'd added extra toro and extra bulgogi. Apparently, he'd been watching us eat, and was tickled at our joy over the dumplings. What a nice touch.

I was going to try to arrange these all on a platter before photographing, but they were beautifully boxed. This is a cucumber-wrapped tuna roll, doused with colourful caviar. It was very fresh tasting, and of course, it's always fun to pop caviar between your teeth.

You can also see the fresh toro, picked up at 3:00 that morning all the way in Maryland, and driven back by the owner. It was superb, and just melted in your mouth like butter. DucCat hadn't had the toro before, but became an instant convert.

The next box contained a well-done rendition of spicy tuna rolls, and what I believe was a dragon roll. I'm not sure what I thought a dragon roll was, but I didn't anticipate it having a core of pink squishy stuff. I tried a piece, but couldn't get beyond the texture. DucCat refused to even try it.

The last box contained the hallowed bulgogi roll. Classically prepared bulgogi is stuffed inside, and lavished upon this roll. It's spicy and hot; kimchi inside the roll provides textural contrast.

What a great meal. I just have to revisit that first box again.


Last night was our compromise meal: tacos. It's an easy weeknight meal because it comes straight outta tha box! That's right, sometimes we're shameless hacks, and the Ortega Taco Kit is our crutch.

He prepares the ground beef, while I chop up our toppings. He toasts taco shells, while I rinse my lettuce leaves.

Soon, we're both happy.

We drank a 2004 Panarroz Jumilla with the tacos.

It's a smooth Spanish blend that had cherry on the nose, and curiously, went simply softly sultry and smooth in the mouth.

Once it hit my tongue, I was unable to pick out any particular flavour.

Nonetheless, it was quite enjoyable, and I look forward to having it agian.


So that takes care of a week's worth of comfort foods, and we stand on the brink of the FIRST ANNUAL PORT WARWICK ART FESTIVAL. Admidst the rain, lightning and thunder promised (damn you, hurricane, damn you!), DucCat and I will be tag-teaming the sausage stand, serving spicy andouilles to the undoubtedly ravenous teaming crowds that will suck it up and brave the weather. 'cus I know I would, right?

No matter what happens, we'll face it just like this:
Wurd to ya mutha, dawg.


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