Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sushi Yama

With the sudden hand-over in ownership- and abrupt decline in quality- of our once-favourite sushi restaurant, Soya, has left me searching desperately for a replacement. Tonight, the still-humid temperatures drove DucCat and I to Sushi Yama, a small restaurant that we’d been unimpressed with in the past.

There was a lone diner perched on the edge of the sushi bar. Otherwise, the place was surprisingly empty for a sultry Wednesday evening. An enthusiastic waitress seated us, and went over their specialties. We placed our orders, and relaxed in conversation, watching the sushi chef go to work.

Our waitress brought out our order of shumai, theatrically removing the top of the steam basket to reveal 5 cute little dumplings.
I grabbed my chopsticks and tasted one. The texture of the dough was very smooth and thin; the interior was fluffy, and tasted just a little of shrimp. DucCat, who isn’t so fond of shrimp-flavoured anything, was very enthusiastic about these. The platter also came with a tiny little plate of some sort of dipping sauce. “Hot mustard, we make, “ our waitress assured us. DucCat tried a little taste.

Yowza, baby!!!

They’d been out of one of the rolls we requested, but you would never guess it once the platter arrived. The sushi were exquisitely arranged, and the entire thing smelled fresh and vibrant as it was set down before us.

The roll in the upper-left hand corner, the bulgogi roll, was the absolute best, and we fought over who would get the remaining last piece (I conceded to DucCat). The cucumber roll in the middle was beautiful and fresh tasting, but not as flavourful as you might expect. It worked quite well as a refreshing palate cleanser, during, and after the meal. The other items were the familiar spicy tuna rolls, toro, etc., and each precisely made; again, the freshness of the ingredients really shone through.

Before we left, a few college students had straggled in, and the lone sushi bar diner had departed. The relaxing pace of the meal, the quiet and friendly atmosphere, and most importantly, the very groovy flavours of the sushi, will assure our return visit. So long, SoYa, there’s a new sheriff in town!


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