Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Warwick Cheese Shoppe

It was the holiday weekend, and I made the executive decision to skip out on work early, and join DucCat in running some errands.

Errand day inevitably calls for a visit to the Warwick Cheese Shoppe in Newport News, the only place around here that has a comprehensive selection of cheeses and wines. DucCat began to survey the new arrivals, just as the proprietor George called us over for a taste.

DucCat watched curiously as George opened the bottle using a very unique corkscrew. It functioned much like an old-fashioned carjack, ratcheting the cork steadily up. “Yet another marvelously over-engineered tool,” he grinned, then handed it over to DucCat for keeps.

As they began assembling a case of wine, I headed towards the cheese counter, as our cheese drawer at home had dropped to dangerously low levels. I grabbed a Morbier, a double-cream cheese (must begin keeping cheese-name diary), and a seriously-aged Cheddar. “This one was forgotten in a warehouse, and only recently found,” Terry said, holding up a quater of a wheel of cheese so orange it could have been a Cheeto in a former life. “Even if you get this cheese again, it won’t taste quite like this, due to the age.”

Of course, I got the whole thing. I'm a sucker when it comes to the Power of Cheese.


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