Monday, January 30, 2006

Sneezy, Mopey and Snuffly

Anna tagged me for a little meme cooked up in honour of cold season: name your best cold/flu remedy.

A long time ago, it would have been Campbell's tomato sauce, hot sauce, and crackers. Then, the day came when I discovered Tom Yum Soup. Bursting with chicken and veggies, be sure to get it three peppers hot, to burn through the snot.

In a pinch, though, hot-and-sour soup will work almost as well. Again, ask for the spiciest.

Eat. Drink water. Rest. Repeat.

Got your own? Consider yourself tagged, or leave it in the comments!

[Sorry for the lack of posts around here, I'm still trying to get some of the details of my european vacation fleshed out just a bit more. We'll get back to the cooking very soon!]


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