Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Season at Syd's

I've had several posts about previous visitations to Cowboy Syd's restaurant, and still managed to have quite a few miscellaneous dining photos floating about. I'm taking the opportunity to do a quick and image-heavy review of lunches, dinners, and the wines enjoyed at Syd's.

Brunch and lunch?

We've had a few...

As always, we begin with
that exciting Southern-classic,
Syd's spin on
neo-pimento cheese.
I don't like mayonnaise,
but I really like this!

The Frei Brothers
2003 Reserve

is lightly oaked,
and perfectly crafted
for casual Sunday sippin'.

Now, onto the food:
uptown French toast and Surry sausages
Poulet two ways, grilled...

...or wrapped up sandwich style.

My personal favourite, the citrusy and light-tasting crab salad. A first for me, a little cute quail, nesting under a fois gras pancake.

Chicken again, grilled,
and smothered in smoochie-bear ham sauce.

Now, the above wine is the Hendry Chardonnay, and DucCat and I can typically be found beginning our meal with a plate of neo-pimento love, washed down by this elegant little wine. However, there was something different about this bottle... click here for a closer look. Little ice crystals sparkled on the inside, and remained floating in our glasses. Ice crystals, sugar crystals...? Whatever they were, they didn't seem to have changed the flavour.

A random platter of cheese,
and smoochie-bear ham.

The Rex Hill 2003 Pinot Noir- excellent choice, good sir.

This was a cheerful and fun wine,
imminently approachable with red berry love,
and a hint of something like chocolate in the finish.

After dallying with the pefect cracker,
and lingering over wine and coffee,
a surprise was yet in store.

"New desserts!" declared Syd. "You just have to try these, girl-
friends!" Somehow, we sucked it up, and managed to try every one, and yes: they were as utterly delicious as you'd imagine.

Another night,
another course beginning with neo-pimento and Hendry...

let's skip right along to our 'taste'.

DucCat was sent a cute little piece of fried chicken
draped in gravy, and sitting on a bed of grits.
'Cuz that's just the Southern-style love
the Cowboy has for my husband.

My little dish was straight from the sea,
incredibly fresh and flavourful tuna.
Barely insulted by flame, this was rare tuna perfection.

A new wine graced our table that evening, the Graziano 2003 Petite Syrah Old Vines Mendocino. This was a toothsome fellow, barrel-chested and smeared in mashed berries. The finish was leathery smooth, and I knew then that it would go pefectly with...

...a blurry but tasty steak.

And perhaps not so good with...

Grilled rockfish and a pile of juicy seared shrimp. It was no matter, though, this was worth forsaking the wine for what has to be some of the area's best seafood.

Of course, it wouldn't be Syd's style to let us escape without trying some new desserts.

Tonights goodies were a chocolate-bourbon bread pudding (scrumptious!)...

... and a sugarless chocolate tart.
No sugar, no fake sweeteners, just quality chocolate, amongst other Top Secret ingredients. If he hadn't told us, I never would have guessed the truth, it was that decadent.

It certainly was a great and beautiful season of dining at Syd's. Thanks for everything, Cowboy!


Blogger Sara said...

Those are great photos. The pimento cheese looks really tasty, I've always wanted to try that.

January 11, 2006 1:15 PM  
Blogger vlb5757 said...

S'kat, I have had the Pimento and cheese and I can atest to the fact it is killer. I ate that stuff when I was a kid and it was just okay, but Syd's is fab. I haven't eaten there in a while but think it's time for another visit!

January 11, 2006 8:27 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Ha! As I was drooling over the food in the photos, I didn't read very carefully at the beginning, and I really thought you ate all of that in one sitting. Even if you had help from DucCat, that would be some feat! Lovely photos--my restaurant shots never turn out that well.

January 13, 2006 1:00 AM  

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