Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lunch at Syd’s

We certainly seem to be eating out a lot these days! Just to continue the theme, DucCat and I stopped by Cowboy Syd’s for a Saturday lunch. The weather was still clear and beautiful, so we plopped ourselves down on the patio.

I chose a Hoegarden to sip upon as I perused the menu. It’s a lovely Belgian wheat beer that’s lighter in style, and perfectly accented with a twist of lemon. DucCat went with a Boddington’s, or as a friend of ours prefers to call it, “Bread Loaf in a Glass”.

Our favourite server, Tony, took our orders, and we sat back to watch the tide of activity in Port Warwick. Soon, our Little Cheese Course of the utterly delectable ‘Neo-Pimento’ Cheese (and house made crackers), arrived, and the Hoegarden just wasn't cutting it. DucCat was over his Boddington’s, so we made the switch to a 2003 L’ecole No. 41.

Yet another great wine for the last few lazy days of summer sippin’. Lots’ of tropical fruit on the nose, it maintains a fine balance between light creaminess and rich oak. And it went very well with the neo-pimento goodness sitting before us.

After much menu-gazing, DucCat and I both ended up ordering the same thing:

This is the Mustard Grilled Chicken Sandwich, with Bibb Lettuce, White Vermont Cheddar, & Crisp Onion Rings. DucCat gets this every time we have lunch at Syd’s, and I inevitably end up nibbling off of his plate. After being told in no uncertain terms that this would not be allowed today, I got my own.

The poulet is juicy and lip-smacking good. I was almost able to smack my lips loud enough to drown out the inane conversation of the Ladies Who Were Lunching behind us.

Sample snippet of conversation:

Lady #1: Well, I do say, when you’re at the Club, the upper level of the pool is the best.
Lady#2: I couldn’t agree with you more. The first one may as well be strictly for the kids!
Lady #1: Right. And on the upper level, they’ll actually serve you anything you want to you in the pool! The other day, the bartender- you know, the black one-

smack*smack*smack*smack smack*smack*smack*smack

Lady #2: And you know what, I saw her the other day, and she was just a mess. I guess that her husband’s affair didn’t stay a secret from her for too long.


I skipped my onion rings, and we were soon thankfully on our way.


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