Wednesday, March 29, 2006

True Blue

A summery Saturday can often find DucCat and I tooling around on the cool, blue vibe of the ST-4. Unerringly, it always seems to point us in just the right direction for a lovely little lunch nosh. Today's destination turned out to be Williamsburg's Blue Talon Bistro.

It had been some time since our last, rather disappointing, visit, and I was definitely in the mood for another go. A little early for the lunch hour, we were led through a fairly quiet restaurant to our requested patio seating.

DucCat ordered some wine to sip on as we browsed through the new menu.

The Guy Bocard 2002 Bourgogne Chardonnay was a pleasant enough quaff, well-balanced with bright apples and cool glints of mineral and oak. Bistro patio wine, for certain.

After much indecision, we finally decided to each order an appetizer along with our main course, in order to taste a couple of new menu items. Since the ST-4 is equipped with hard bags, it would be no problem to take home any leftovers.

As the patio began filling with an assortment of locals, tourists and students, my first course arrived, with DucCat's following closely behind.

The Parmesan Tart with Bacon & Leeks ($7.95) was curiously delivered hiding beneath a blanket of romaine.

Lettuce aside, the tart was a knockout. The interior was rich, creamy and satisfyingly smooth. Thick chunks of bacon in just the right amount pulled it all together admirably. It was a real effort not to finish it all then and there.

DucCat, bless him, began with the Macaroni Gratin($8.95). Delivered in a fun-sized baking tray, it was the epitome of cheesy goodness. A luscious mixture of Swiss and cheddar were trumped by the thick cubes of smoky country ham on top. I laughed in pleasure as I savoured the bite DucCat proffered.

After such a powerful start, my Grilled Asparagus Salad ($7.95) seemed a touch anti-climatic. The greens were lightly dressed in a zippy sauce that was all the better when mixed with the poached egg yolk. Following the cheese explosion of the tart and gratin, the rapidly softening Brie seemed a touch overboard, and was saved to enjoy another day.

DucCat was inexorably drawn back to that lunch-time favourite, the Bistro Burger($9.95). When the Blue Talon crafts a burger, they get it right: a thick, flavourful beef patty comes with all the fixin's, and is joyously crowned by a poached egg. Accompanied by a cone of frites, it was safe to say that nobody walked away from that table hungry.

Oh, and the leftover portion of Parmesan tart? It was just as delicious eaten surreptitiously out of the fridge later that night.


Anonymous vanessa said...

That is one fine-looking feast. I am hungry just looking at the photos.

March 29, 2006 7:01 PM  
Blogger ilva said...

I'm hungry too, damned you!

March 30, 2006 2:20 AM  

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