Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Goin’ down to Duck- The Roadside Cafe

Since we usually roll into town around lunchtime, it’s become customary to stop at the Roadside Cafe for lunch.
After sitting in the usual Hampton Roads parking lot for 2 hours before traffic finally started moving again, we were quite hungry by the time we arrived in Duck almost five hours later. Keep in mind that our usual travel time is about 2 and a half hours. Unfortunately, when we asked if we could sit outside, the server told us she’d just shut down the outdoor deck. During our short stay, we ran into this sort of thing frequently, due to vacationing in a resort town out-of-season.

We quickly placed our orders, and sipped on some icy cold Buds, shivering in the cranking A/C. Previously, I’ve never been inside the actual restaurant itself, but noticed that it seemed to be some sort of respite for musty old Reader’s Digest books.
The walls were absolutely lined with them! They were curiously out of place, admidst the sand dollars, netting, and tropical fish mobiles.

Soon enough, our food arrived. I’d ordered the ½ pound of steamed shrimp, seen here liberally doused with Old Bay, and saddled with a piquant dipping sauce. They tasted very fresh, and are the perfect thing to order when the ocean is a stone’s throw away.

DucCat ordered the “Meatloaf You’ve Waited All Summer For!”. “I hadn’t known I’ve been waiting all summer for this, but it looks great!” he said, as the waitress placed a heaping plate in front of him.

The meatloaf turned out to be very good, although not quite warmed through. He was hungry enough to not care, though not hungry enough to venture into the frightening- for him- world of sauteed vegetables. I snagged a couple, and found them perfectly agreeable.

The Roadside Cafe certainly won’t serve you food that will blow your mind, but it’s usually well done for what it is (upscale barfood), and the price is always right. The casual atmosphere and simple food have kept us coming back time and again- well worth a lunch visit, and don't forget to come back in the evenings (on-season) for some great live jazz on the patio.


Blogger vlb5757 said...

A person needs their comfort food wedged in between the high style fancy stuff. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes is my all time favorite comfort food. I think for the veggies I would like more carbs with a side of corn. Sometimes you just gotta carb load!

November 01, 2005 4:31 PM  

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