Monday, June 05, 2006

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish!

It was with many mixed emotions that DucCat and I shared one last bottle with the cowboy. You know, of Cowboy Syd's. It seems that greener pastures call, so he's saddling up, and heading on over to Port Norfolk.

Thanks for all the wine, the great meals, fabulous desserts and thou. You will be missed.


Blogger wheresmymind said...

I totally love the light/shade contrast in this picture!

June 06, 2006 7:50 AM  
Blogger krysten said...

ok, i can't stand it!! where is that quote from???? i KNOW i know it, but i saw it somewhere else and it stumped me, and now you have it as your title. help! help!!

June 06, 2006 10:02 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Krysten, it's the title of one of Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide" series. And no, I ain't that smart, I Googled it. You got me curious.

June 06, 2006 2:59 PM  
Blogger Nerissa said...

Ahh.. welcome back. The package arrived safe and sound :) Thanks

June 07, 2006 1:45 AM  
Blogger s'kat said...

wmm- thanks. And trust me, this cats only fading into the background temporarily!

Krysten- Scott hit it right on. One of my favourite books of all time, it seemed appropriate here, considering the amount of seafood I've consumed there over the past few years.

Scott- thanks! This is definately a 'must-read' series.

Nerissa- can't wait to see what you make with it!

June 07, 2006 10:56 AM  
Anonymous C'tina said...

The relocation gives one an excuse so visit Southside....keep us posted of Syd's new digs...

June 07, 2006 12:01 PM  
Blogger krysten said...

ah-HAH!! oh what a catharsis!! thank you! i've only read those in my pre-teen years and then never again, so it was dusty. i had tried googling it before and i was unable to come up with anything. hmmmm. well, thanks again! haha, now my life can move on! ;-)

June 07, 2006 11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Cowboy Syds leaving Port Warwick??

June 09, 2006 2:37 PM  
Blogger s'kat said...

Great series, Krysten, especially for the amount of wonderful one-liners that came out of it!

C'tina and anon: Stay tuned for Syd's newest venture Stove, which will be opening in the old Market Fare in Port Norfolk, hopefully later this year.

June 09, 2006 2:39 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

i love this photo! i could go for a glass of wine this instant!

April 25, 2007 4:20 PM  

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