Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Best Wursts Ever

It was a saucily warm November afternoon, with hints of Indian Summer floating in the breeze. DucCat felt that the call of the grill needed to be recognized- and heeded.

So that’s how we found ourselves on the back porch, sipping on the Hollick 2001 Chardonnay, as the chimney starter coaxed the charcoal to life.

We bought a case of the Hollick, but have met with very mixed success. Almost every other bottle we’ve opened has already gone bad, all corked-out cat piss and luridly yellow colour. So each time we pop one open, it’s a roll of the dice as to what will come tumbling out.

Luckily, this time all was well. The colour was deeply golden, with stone fruits on the nose; the mouthfeel, rather creamy, with toasted nuts, and a nice lingering finish. It’s a bit more heavy-bodied than I typically prefer in a chardonnay, but here it was just right.

But, back to the grill.

DucCat had picked up some Usinger's brats earlier that day, and quickly had them cooked to perfection. I’m embarrassed to say that I’d never heard of Usinger’s until just this year, but am now a happy convert, enjoying as many of their fine products as possible. These brats are intensely-flavoured and juicy, with just enough snap to keep you coming back. Mouthwatering.

Of course, ever in ‘use-it-up’ mode, I attempted cooking the last of my week-old pita dough on the grill. With the open kettle and low fire, it didn’t puff very well (more accurately, it didn’t puff at all), and stayed rather doughy. As DucCat pulled off his brats, I quicky threw some toppings onto the flatbread for a grilled goat cheese pie.

It was cute. It was dainty, girly, and it went well with the wine, and the airy day. But the scent of freshly grilled brats resolutely forced its way into my mouth, causing my eyes to dart uncontrollably to DucCat’s plate.

He sighed.

“You know, you really do have to try this!” he laughed.

I did, and it was so freakin’ great.


Blogger vlb5757 said...

S'Kat, it's funny that DucCat like Usingers brats. My DIL is from Milwaukee. We ate at Maders last year while we were in the area for my oldest son's wedding. I thought I had died a gone to heaven. We packed four or five different kinds of their brats and brought them home. It was worth the effort of trying to keep them iced down for the three day drive home. Now every time we think about going back there we think about eating at Mader's and bringing home more brats and sausage sticks. Gotta love that German food!

November 08, 2005 3:49 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

S'kat, I am a madwoman for brats--or any sausage-type product, in fact--so your photos are positively destroying me. Beautiful.

November 09, 2005 2:43 PM  
Blogger s'kat said...

Vickie, I'm a recent convert to hearty German fare, but am right there with you. Without a doubt, I'd transport sausages across state lines in an instant!

Molly- just a few years ago, I barely ate meat. Now, I am a ravenous carnivore. It is a beautiful thing.

November 11, 2005 9:10 PM  

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