Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another Pizza Feast

DucCat and I are simple folk, so once again, we were back throwing pies. This isn't such a bad thing.

As the ingredients were chopped and prepared, we sipped upon a 2003 Veramonte Chardonnay. It's been awhile since I've tasted the Veramonte, and I was surprised at the first, remembered taste.

It's vividly pear-like in the mouth, in a really enchanting way, but the fun part of this wine is- you swallow, and it goes down, and down, and flushes out in the pockets of your mouth with fierce flavours of honey. It screams, "I am flush in your mouth, and brave, so DRINK ME NOW, BITCH!".

And, we did, and it was great. And it is something we'll do again- and again- and again, baby.

So, this lovely chard is what we paired with yet another Florimonte's dough.

I prepped, and we were soon ready to make beautiful, bubbly, pizza-pie love.

Alarmingly, we were out of our tub of fresh mozzarella, and had to delve into the mighty cheese drawer.

DucCat managed to scrounge a bit of the remaining mozzarella, some parmesan, and supplemented with the last of that lost, aged Cheddar. The blistering hot oven made short work of it all.

I used a Morbier, and a generous helping of heirloom tomatoes, roasted peppers, and onions. And, of course, another smattering of shredded basil once it had come out.

Another successful pizza night. Does it ever really go wrong?


Anonymous Reginald Bise said...

Super work performed.

December 16, 2005 1:34 PM  

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